Home Education Through Sea to Sky Online



Students in the Graduation Program (grades 10 to 12) may enrol exclusively in Sea to Sky Online or cross-enrol between their local school for in-class instruction and Sea to Sky Online for some of their courses.


The Ministry of Education’s Distributed Learning Policy states that students enrolled in Kindergarten to grade 9 are full time students and the online learning:

  • may learn at home;
  • are enrolled in a public school;
  • are obligated to meet prescribed learning standards and/or outcomes in Provincial or Board/Authority Approved courses;
  • must use only learning resources recommended by the Ministry of Education or approved by the Board;
  • must have a teacher certified by the BC Teacher Regulation Branch leading their educational program, including assignment and assessment of activities;
  • are issued formal student progress reports by the online school; and,
  • participate in provincial assessments (Foundation Skills Assessment and provincial graduation assessments).

In this option students enroll with Sea to Sky Online (SSO) intending to remain in the program for the duration of the school year or longer. Students are supervised at home by their parent or guardian and the education program is developed and supported online by an SD48 teacher through:

  • a personalized student learning plan;
  • regular contact (google classroom, email, etc.);
  • weekly face to face contact online; and,
  • monthly in person meetings in your community.


Kindergarten to Grade 9 Sea to Sky Online Registration Procedures


In order to register your Kindergarten to grade 9 child as a Sea to Sky Online student please go to the Sea to Sky Online website to see student registration details. Please note that should you wish to return your child to their local school mid-year, their return would be contingent upon space being available at that time.

If a student enrolled in Grades K-7 chooses to take part of an educational program through more than one school, boards of education may make their own arrangements for shared services as long as no tuition fees are charged to the student. Students in Grade 8 and 9 may cross enroll with Sea to Sky Online. They can enroll in grade 8 and 9 courses through SSO. The registration process for students enrolled in more than one education program will be coordinated by their school  principal.


For more information, please refer to Policy 610 Home Education.


NOTE: Should a student wish to return to their local school mid-year, their return would be contingent upon space being available at that time.