Board Vision, Mission, Values, and Guiding Principles

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Our Vision:
Students love to learn here!
Our Mission:
We are committed to engaging all students with personally relevant and flexible learning, empowering them to acquire the competencies vital for success in their future.
Our Values:
Placing learning at the core of all we do.
Excellence Believing that excellence is within everyone's reach. 
Integrity Having the integrity to be honest and ethical.
Equity Creating conditions for equal access to opportunities and successes. 
Relationships Honouring connections to each other, our communities and our environment.
Our Guiding Principles:
Health & Wellness Take care of each other and our environment.
Purpose & Focus Create understanding and common direction.
Engagement Authentically involve each other in learning and decision-making processes.
Collaboration Develop relationships and processes to honour different and diverse perspectives.
Innovation Encourage curiosity and embrace new opportunities.
Our Wellness Vision:

Working collaboratively with all employee groups, School District No.48 (Sea to Sky) is committed to strengthening workplace wellbeing. Through focused efforts and shared responsibility, we envision a workplace where all employees’ wellbeing is supported to allow them to positively contribute to our mission and the communities we serve.