Operations Department Overview

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About Us:
The District Operations Department is responsible for all aspects of facilities and grounds maintenance, repairs, construction and strategic planning. In addition to the above, the Operations Department is responsible for student school bus transportation. The department also provides all bus, white fleet and grounds/custodial equipment maintenance and repairs. Some of the department's key functions are custodial services, major and minor project management, sustainability and energy management, and maintaining and creating good working relationships with community partners and various stakeholders.
Department Vision:

With a team-focused approach, our commitment is to support the K-12 Curriculum and other district-supported programs by providing clean, welcoming, safe, accessible, and energy-efficient learning environments and school buses for all students and staff in the Sea to Sky School District.
Key Strategies:
Creating safe, purposeful, and powerful learning environments include important STRUCTURES which enhance core competency development, while also enhancing important protective factors and reducing known risk factors for children. We will continue to explore outdoor learning spaces, flexible settings, pro-social groupings, and flexible scheduling for students and teachers. ‘Collaborative Models of Support’ will bring teachers together for purposeful dialogue using data to plan invisible interventions within the classroom. These pathways guide our work and are represented in our department strategies outlined below:
  • Long-Range Facilities Plan
  • Strategic Energy Management Plan
  • Transportation Planning
  • Universal Washroom Upgrade Plan