2021/2022 Service Plan: Operations Department

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For the 2021/22 school year, the Operations Department will be prioritizing the following areas in addition to the regular functions handled within the department:

  1. OHS: COVID-19 Communicable Disease Planning (all aspects) 
  2. Capital Planning
    1. Squamish Catchment Boundary Area Review 
      1. Changes approved by Board 
      2. Entered implementation stage for 2023 rollout
    2. CSF/SD48 
      1. WSS Middle School 
      2. CSF - No collaboration. No longer providing school bus transportation (Whistler). Continue to provide classroom space in some facilities.
    3. 21 Century Upgrades 
      1. Continued learning space reconfiguration planning (DRMS)
      2. Electrification of fleet feasibility study (BC Hydro)
      3. Zero waste initiative
      4. Continued energy reduction projects implementation and future planning (following SEMP)
    4. Gender Neutral Washrooms 
      1. Program continues with the latest project at GHE
    5. HSS Seismic Upgrade and Addition 
      1. Project request includes Squamish area schools grade reconfiguration (K-5 El, 6-8 Mid & 9-12 High) for Sep 2027 
    6.  SBO and Bus Garage Property
  3. Implement an e-bookings system for Facility Rentals 
    1. Rollout this school year, once the rental program resumes
  4. Finalize and proceed with Pemberton Construction Project Housing Options 
    1. Development of a Green Bussing Strategy (e.g. looking into options like Electric School Busses/fuel switching [eg. propane]) 
    2. Student Registration and Bookings 
      1. Project in progress, implementation 2021 school year