Bylaws and Policies


The Board of Education, in consultation with senior staff, determines policies and regulations which govern the operations of the school district’s human and physical resources.

These policies are designed to ensure a high level of conduct and quality educational services that inspire student success and prepare our students for the future.

School District 48 Index to Policies and Bylaws:
*Every effort is made to keep this page up to date. The official versions are kept at the district office.
Board Policies:
Board Bylaws:
Number Board Bylaws Operational Policies
400.1 Indemnification Against Proceedings Bylaw  
Board Policies:
Number Board Policies  Operational Policies 
401 Senior Management & District Organization Statement of Guiding Principles
    Role Specific
402 Evaluation of the Superintendent of Schools Administrative Council
Job Descriptions
Performance Appraisals
403   Other Exempt Staff
Job Descriptions
Performance Appraisals
404   Principals & Vice-Principals
School Organization
Standard Recruitment Practice
405   General Administrative Personnel
Hiring of Management Personnel
Supervisory Relationships
406   Staff Personnel
Guiding Principles & Respectful Workplace
Employee Conduct
Reporting: Child Abuse and Neglect
407   Professional Staff Employment
Evaluation of teacher performance & Supervision of Learning
Staff Absence Due to Emergency Road Closures
Hiring of TTOCs
Teacher Personal Leaves
408   Support Staff Employment
Support Staff Evaluation
Professional Advancement
    All Staff
409   Reimbursement & Recognition
Loss or Damage to Employee’s Property
Refund of Travel & Other Expenses
First Aid Course Reimbursement
Employee Recognition
410   Conditions & Responsibilities
Criminal Record Check
Employee Attendance
District Occupational Health & Safety
Protection of Employees from Violence in the Workplace
Employee Uniforms, Coveralls, Smocks, Lab Coats & Rainwear


Board Bylaws:
Number Board Bylaws Operational Policies
500.1 Student Appeals Procedure Bylaw