Squamish Catchment Area Review

Background Information 
School Districts complete annual school capacity reviews to monitor declining or growing enrollment projections and the potential impacts on school space. School District Capital and Financial Planning are adjusted to reflect this information. SD48 data indicates a trend of growth in some of the Squamish communities. Prior to requesting Capital funds from the Ministry of Education for the purpose of addressing enrollment growth through building projects, the district is expected to maximize existing school space utilization in several ways. District level grade reconfigurations, programs of choice relocation, small-scale school renovations or the use of portables, and new school boundaries are among the expected considerations.
As a result of the School Capacity Review, Squamish Elementary is forecasted to be over capacity by September 2022. Additionally, Mamquam Elementary may be impacted by the student movement and therefore may also be overcapacity in the near future.
In order to address this growth, the Board of Education is looking into some minor changes to the current Squamish and Mamquam elementary school catchment boundaries in time for September 2023. The changes are expected to affect Northyards, Loggers Lane at Finch Drive, and Tantalus Road (north of the Executive Suites Hotel), and the Skyridge development. All of the above potential catchment area changes will not exceed the District approved primary walk limits of 3.2KMs.
Currently, Northyards and Loggers Lane at Finch Drive are within the Squamish Elementary catchment boundaries and Tantalus Road (north of the Executive Suites Hotel, and the Skyridge development is part of Mamquam Elementary catchment boundaries (see below map for current catchment boundaries for Squamish Elementary and Mamquam Elementary Schools).

MQE Existing CatchmentMQE Existing Catchment

SQE Existing CatchmentSQE Existing Catchment
The School District is looking into changing the boundaries, resulting in Northyards and Loggers Lane at Finch Drive falling within the Mamquam Elementary catchment boundaries and Tantalus Road (north of the Executive Suites Hotel, and the Skyridge development falling within Brackendale Elementary catchment boundary (see below map for proposed future catchment boundaries for Squamish Elementary, Mamquam Elementary, and Brackendale Elementary Schools).

MQE/BRE Adjusted CatchmentMQE/BRE Adjusted Catchment

SQE Adjusted CatchmentSQE Adjusted Catchment
All students currently attending school from these neighbourhoods and siblings who may be starting Kindergarten in September 2023 or later, will not be impacted by these changes as they will be permitted to attend their current school. The potential catchment boundary changes only apply to future students, without siblings already enrolled, who are of Kindergarten age starting September 2023 or later.
If you reside in the Northyards, Loggers Lane at Finch Drive, or Tantalus Road (north of the Executive Suites Hotel), and Skyridge neighbourhoods and have a child who will be starting Kindergarten by September 2023 please consider watching the recording of the Community Town Hall via Zoom from  Wednesday, March 17, 2021, from 5:00 PM to 6:00 PM. Watch the recording here:
If you wish to provide feedback towards the potential Squamish Catchment Boundary Changes, click here to complete a survey
If you have any questions or feedback related to the potential boundary changes, please email the office of the SD48 Secretary-Treasurer at mazim@sd48.bc.ca.