2021/2022 Service Plan: Business Services Department

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For the 2021/22 school year, the Business Services Department will be prioritizing the following areas in addition to the regular functions handled within the department:
  1. Funding Model Review;
    1. Revised Funding Allocations, Revised Budget Templates (e.g. enhanced collaboration MyBudgetFile);
  2. Enhancing Support Systems;
    1. Atrieve Upgrades & Enhanced Reporting;
    2. Digitizing Finance Records;
    3. Atrieve Training;
    4. APs and Forms;
      1. Records Retention and Disposal;
      2. Data collection and budget development;
      3. Purchasing process;
      4. Modernized Language (e.g. removing gender from APs); 
    5. Tidy Up Business and Server Files;
  3. Financial Health Guidelines Updates; and,
    1. Utilize MoE Template and Budget variance analysis.