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School District No. 48 is governed by the BC Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA). The Privacy Officer, Danielle Haverstock, is responsible for administering the Act in the school district.
Danielle Haverstock can be reached at [email protected] or 604 892-5228 ext 103.
SD48 Privacy Management Program:
Executive Support:


Senior executive-level management support is key to a successful privacy management program and essential for a privacy respectful culture. This must be secured and maintained.


Privacy Officer—designated to be responsible for the public body’s privacy compliance and practices.

Personal Information Bank:
An organized, reasonably-detailed inventory should include the following:
• the amount and categories of personal information it holds;
• the number and categories of individuals whose personal information it holds;
• location where personal information is held within the public body
• purposes for which personal information is collected, used and disclosed; and
• sensitivity of the personal information the public body holds.
Breach Management:
Assignment of responsibilities for containing, mitigating and reporting both major and minor privacy breaches. A key part of a privacy breach response protocol is the assignment responsibility for investigating the causes of the breach and ensuring the lessons learned are incorporated into procedures, practices and employee training.
If you believe there has been a privacy breach, we request you complete the below form to report it to the Privacy Officer. Upon completion and submission of the form, the Privacy Officer will work with you and the appropriate SD48 administrators to respond appropriately.
Assessment and Revision:
To meet FIPPA obligations and be accountable for privacy practices, School District No.48 should monitor, assess and revise the privacy management program regularly and consistently.
Oversight and review plans should include the following:
• Program controls
• Privacy Impact Assessments
• Policy revisions
• Privacy audits
Privacy training should be tailored to employees' specific duties. Training should be ongoing, regular, sufficiently detailed, and informative to equip employees with the knowledge (and awareness) necessary to meet the public body’s privacy obligations. The training program's content should be periodically revisited and updated to reflect changes within the public body to FIPPA and industry best practices.

The Government of BC has recently released a FOIPPA Foundations training module that SD48 staff are encouraged to participate in. Here is the link:

FIPPA Access to Records Request:
If you wish to make a FIPPA access to records request, please fill out the 708.1A(b) Freedom of Information Request Form and return it to the Privacy Officer, Danielle Haverstock, at [email protected].