Mayor Hurford visits Brackendale Elementary School for a Q&A with students

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Squamish, BC - The Mayor of the District of Squamish, Armand Hurford, recently visited Brackendale Elementary School for a Q&A session with Brackendale Elementary Students. During the session with Ms. Brant and Mr. Hirn’s grades 5/6 class, the students had prepared a list of questions mainly related to sustainability, entertainment/recreation, and public art and were excited to hear the mayor's responses.

Before the students began their questions, Mayor Hurford provided some background on the municipal government's role and duties. He explained that the district is responsible for providing essential services to the community, such as water and sewage, road maintenance, and public safety. He also talked about how the district works with other levels of government and community organizations to improve the quality of life for residents.

The students then began their questions, starting with a focus on sustainability. They asked the mayor about the district's different energy sources and energy used in cars and buildings. The discussion then shifted to entertainment and recreation, with the students asking the mayor about plans for the upgrades at Brennan Park. Mayor Hurford talked about ongoing efforts to improve this facility by making it more energy-efficient. The Mayor also mentioned that there is a proposal for a new theatre space downtown Squamish which students were really, really excited about.

Finally, the students asked the mayor about the public art spaces of art in the community and how the district supports local artists. Mayor Hurford emphasized the importance of art and cultural spaces in the community. He discussed ongoing efforts to promote local art and artists through events like the Squamish Arts Council's annual ArtWalk.

The Q&A session was a great success, with the students gaining valuable insights into the district's sustainability, recreational, and cultural initiatives. Mayor Hurford expressed his appreciation for the opportunity to engage with the students.