2021/2022 Service Plan: Human Resources

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For the 2021/22 school year, the Human Resources Department will be prioritizing the following areas in addition to the regular functions handled within the department:


  1. Recruitment and Retention:

    1. As permitted by national health guidelines, in-person recruiting will resume across the country. For example, recruiters will visit Toronto, Montreal, Sudbury, and Edmonton career fairs.
    2. A Special Program Renewal will be undertaken through the Office of the Human Rights Commissioner. In order to increase diversity within our workforce, a hiring exemption will be sought for each employment group in the district (CUPE, SSTA, PVPA, Exempt).

  2. Bargaining - SSTA & CUPE:

    1. The collective agreement with both the SSTA and CUPE Local 779 are expiring in June of 2022. Bargaining will occur with each respective group over the course of the coming school year.   

  3. Enhancing Support Systems:

    1. Efforts will continue in the enhancement of our systems that support all employee groups. Specifically, the following enhancements will be undertaken throughout the coming year: 
      1. Segregating digitized personnel files (Teachers);
      2. Digitizing personnel files (Exempt);
      3. Email Distribution List automation through Atrieve;
      4. Atrieve access for Casual CUPE staff;
      5. Customized employee demographic reports;
      6. Data import from Make a Future to Atrieve; and,
      7. Automated teacher seniority calculation.

  4. Performance Management:

    1. New processes for teacher onboarding and mentoring will be undertaken in conjunction with the Education Department.
    2. New onboarding and performance review processes will be implemented for Support Staff.