Human Resources Department Overview

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About Us:
The Human Resources department is responsible for a range of functions required to support Sea to Sky's 900+ employees. These functions include and are not limited to: employee recruitment, onboarding, compensation/benefits, training/development, internal and external recruitment, wellness and attendance initiatives, employee recognition and labour relations.
Department Vision: 
We aim to attract, recruit, develop and retain quality employees to provide the best educational opportunities for students and a positive working environment for our employees. We believe that we have a shared responsibility to maintain public confidence through high expectations and alignment in our actions. We believe we have a shared responsibility to wellness.
Key Strategies:
Pathways to Learning describes the instructional STRATEGIES of Assessment, Collaboration, Play & Exploration, Purpose & Authenticity, Technology, and Engagement, guided by the First Peoples' Principles of Learning, that will lead to deeper learning for our students. These pathways guide our work and are represented in our department strategies outlined below:
  • Maintain the standards for the Education, competence and professional conduct of educators in British Columbia.
  • Establish continuity for student learning through a stable, predictable and consistent instructional environment.
  • Foster a culture of reflective practice, adaptive expertise, effective educational practices, and a school system aligned for safe, purposeful, powerful learning environments.
  • Maintain public confidence through high expectations and alignment in our actions.
  • Work together to build creative, efficient systems that support system efficiencies.