Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment Overview

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About Us:


Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment is a shared responsibility of the entire Educational Leadership Team, including Senior Staff, Principals and Vice-Principals and Teacher Leaders. We work together to strategically plan and support Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment across our entire school district. The work of this team is guided by our School District 48 Strategic Plan, Pathways to Learning and is supported by structures such as our Instructional Leadership team and our Itinerant Support Team.


Department Vision:
We work collaboratively to support student learning through a continuous cycle of inquiry around the central question: “what is happening for our learners?” Through curiosity, monitoring and analysis of student learning data, reflection, and strategic action planning, we work to continuously improve social-emotional and academic outcomes for all students through a focus on equity, diversity and excellence.


Key Strategies:
Creating safe, purposeful, and powerful learning environments include important STRUCTURES which enhance core competency development, while also enhancing important protective factors and reducing known risk factors for children. We will continue to explore outdoor learning spaces, flexible settings, pro-social groupings, and flexible scheduling for students and teachers. ‘Collaborative Models of Support’ will bring teachers together for purposeful dialogue using data to plan invisible interventions within the classroom. These pathways guide our work and are represented in our department strategies outlined below:
  • Instructional Leadership Team (ILT);
  • New Teacher Mentoring;
  • Professional Learning Support;
  • K-12 Assessment Plan;
  • Balanced Literacy and Numeracy Support; and, 
  • Student's "My Action Plan" and CLE/CLC.