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The SD48 Learning Hub-March 9, 2021

Valleycliffe Elementary's Outdoor Garden-Since the Fall of 2014, the students, teachers and community have created a world-class outdoor learning habitat. The outdoor garden team restored a wetland, planted over 2000 plants and trees, installed signage, created wandering paths, a gathering circle, planted pollinator gardens and a pollinator meadow, created and planted edible gardens, built fences and removed invasive species.

New BC Centre for Disease Control New Website!

Built for parents, students, and school staff, the K-12 Schools and COVID-19 website has a wealth of valuable information including:
Health and safety measures that have been put in place to prevent COVID-19 from spreading in schools; Protocols when there is a positive COVID-19 case in a school; Shareable resources, like a contact tracing infographic; and, Quick links to tools!

Free "In the Know' Webinar March 15th at 6:30pm-Substance Use: Relationship Over Responsibility

Being a parent of a young person with substance use challenges is hard. What do I do? What can I say? How can I make them stop? These are all things that many parents ask themselves. This presentation is a facilitated discussion to help share some practical ways to move through the challenges. I hope you will join us over zoom: we will watch the video and come together with other parents for a discussion. To register please follow the links.
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