Feeding Futures Lunch Pilot

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Valleycliffe Elementary and Mamquam Elementary are participating in a pilot lunch program run by the school district to support access to healthy food for students. This pilot program will run from April - June, with opportunities for feedback throughout the pilot. 


Pilot Program Goals: 

  • Provide families with healthy, nutritious lunch options for students at school 
  • Prioritize stigma-free options for students who may need free or low-cost options 
  • Test out a model that may be scalable to other elementary schools in the school district
Frequently Asked Questions:
The cost of each meal will be recommended as $7.50 (subsidized cost), however, it is pay-what-you-can.
Lunch will be provided twice a week: Tuesday and Thursday at Mamquam Elementary and Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at Valleycliffe Elementary.
  1. Credit card payments will be accepted online
  2. You can also opt to pay via cash or cheque if needed and payment can be dropped off to the school office.
  • We want to offer a nutritious, delicious lunch to all families who would like to access this program—whether it is because they don’t have time to make a lunch, they can’t afford it, or they want their child to have access to a healthier option.
  • Through the Feeding Futures program, we have funding to support students who need access to a free or low-cost meal. However, the funding is not enough to cover all students to access a free lunch.  
  • We have a recommended cost of $7.50 (which is already subsidized). We encourage parents who would like their children to have a lunch to pay what they are able to, whether it is $7.50, a little bit more, a little bit less, or $0. There is also the option to donate a lunch to another student. 
  • Through this pilot, we hope to see if a pay-what-you-can model is sustainable to expand in the future!
  • The ordering deadline is 72 hours before the lunch service.
  • Tentatively, the ordering period will open on April 16th.
Meals will be provided by the catering arm of the Cheakamus Centre.
We are actively looking for opportunities for students to be involved in this program through the distribution and clean-up! Additionally, we will be conducting focus groups with older students to get feedback and input into future iterations. 
If you are interested in volunteering, please contact your principal or Meryn Corkery ([email protected]
  • There will be dairy-free, vegan, and gluten-free alternatives available. 
  • The Cheakamus Centre is a nut-restricted facility so that all meals will be nut-free. 
  • If your child has additional dietary restrictions that our current menu does not meet, please reach out! We would like to hear from you to see how we can make this program work for you and your kids. 


For any questions or feedback, please contact Meryn, District School Food Coordinator, at [email protected]

This program is supported through the Feeding Futures program, funded by the Ministry of Education and Child Care