Siobhan Joseph's Indigenous Art Mural Flourishes at Brackendale Elementary School

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We are excited to announce that with the generous funding of the Squamish Arts Council, Siobhan Joseph, local Squamish Nation artist, has graced Brackendale Elementary with an Indigenous Art Installation. Siobhan is an accomplished mural artist whose work reflects traditional Coast Salish stylistic elements with her unique flare. She has painted many beautiful murals around town, including the artwork on the outside of the windows of the Squamish Public Library.


The school will hold an unveiling ceremony to honour Siobhan and her work of art in September. Students, families and community members will be invited to attend and learn the significance of the elements and design features selected by Siobhan for the mural.


Brackendale Elementary School and School District No. 48 would like to thank the Squamish Arts Council and the District of Squamish for enabling us to celebrate cultural identity through artistic expression and for providing valuable support on our path toward reconciliation.


Brackendale Elementary Mural