Charlene Williams Honouring Ceremony

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On June 23, 2023, an Honouring Ceremony took place at St'a7mes School to celebrate and recognize the incredible achievements of Charlene Williams, fondly known as "Aunty Char," in her work as the Indigenous Language and Culture Worker at the school. 

This special occasion was marked by the highest honour of blanketing to acknowledge Char’s unwavering dedication to sharing indigenous knowledge and practices within the school community and decolonizing the work. With her remarkable achievements, Aunty Char is now embarking on a new chapter in her journey as the Squamish Nation Education Coordinator, where she will continue to empower and inspire future generations. 

The Honouring Ceremony was a heartfelt tribute to a remarkable leader whose passion, commitment and “infectious laugh” have profoundly impacted the St’a7mes school community.

Check out the photos below from this wonderful day:
Photo Credit: Kieran Brownie