Don Ross Sales Pitch Day at Brackendale Elementary School

On February 8, 2023, Brackendale Elementary School welcomed Don Ross Middle School students for a collaborative learning experience with the intermediate classes. Don Ross Middle School students formed their own businesses, developed products and designed display tables to entice our students to vote for their shops. Brackendale Elementary School students thought critically, using the following criteria to justify their voting:

  • Does their table display look inviting? (neatly organized, clear messages, easy to read poster, colourful and eye appealing)
  • Are they friendly and did they greet you politely when you approach them?
  • Do you think their product is priced well and would you buy it?
There were many creative ideas that caught the student's attention like live music, real product samples, and props. It truly felt like you were at a sales convention.
Thank you to Ms. Zuidema, Don Ross Middle School teacher, for organizing the event.