FAQs: Online School Payments

Participation in online payment is highly encouraged. During our transition to online payment, parents and guardians will still be able to pay by cheque or cash for school activities, if they wish.

Cheque is the preferred option in this case because it helps to minimize the amount of cash in schools, and increases the safety of students who no longer need to carry large sums for payment.

The credit card options available are Visa and MasterCard.
We use School Cash Online, a product of the KEV Group. KEV is a Canadian company.

School Cash Online adheres to the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (Canada) (PIPEDA), Canada’s anti-spam legislation (CASL) and is compliant with the latest industry standards for payment card security (PCI). Any Canadian data collected is held on Canadian servers.

For more information, please the School Cash Online Privacy Policy

Most payments are deducted within three to five business days, depending on the individual banking institution.
The individual who paid for the item will receive confirmation of the purchase on screen once payment has been successfully processed. They are able to print a copy of the electronic receipt by clicking the ‘Print’ icon. This information is also recorded in the ‘Payment History’ tab. A receipt will also be emailed to the email address associated with the system account.
Please contact your school office if you would like to request refunds for any items purchased.
Yes. School Cash Online was designed for parents to have individual accounts. Students can be added to up to five different accounts.
If the student is moving to another school within the district, and School Cash Online is available for that school, then the items for the student will automatically be updated to reflect the new school.
Contact your child’s school to confirm the student’s details (usual first name, last name and birth date) to ensure they match exactly to what was entered in the school’s records.
Each school creates their own items for purchase and assigns them to its students. Once assigned, they will appear in the ‘Student Items’ tab on School Cash Online. Please contact your child’s school if you do not see the item you are looking for.
Click on ‘Sign In’ at the top right of the page and then click on ‘Forgot your password?’ to reset your password. A temporary password will be sent to the email address registered with your account.
Your email address is needed for your username to log into the system, to email you receipts for payments or donations made, and to enable you to receive email notifications of school events and activities.
Email notifications are sent weekdays when new items have been posted and assigned to your child. If there are no new items, you will not be sent an email notification. A reminder notification may be sent for items that have not yet been paid.

You will only receive emails for new items available for purchase, your receipts, and any payment reminders.

For additional information, please contact the School Cash Online parent/guardian help desk at [email protected] or