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Public Interest Disclosure Report Form

Are you a current employee of the school district?*
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Were you an employee of the school district when the alleged wrongdoing occurred or was discovered?*
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Please enter your contact information below so that we can communicate with you about your disclosure. Your identity and contact information will be kept in confidence and may be shared with investigators to allow them to communicate with you.
While anonymous disclosures may be accepted under the Public Interest Disclosure Act, we may not be able to investigate if we are unable to contact you to confirm that you are a current or former employee or to obtain further details, evidence or clarification about your disclosure.
A report may be made under the Public Interest Disclosure Act for any of the following categories of wrongdoing. If your report does not fall within one of these categories, you may wish to consider whether your report falls under another policy or procedure of the school district. Please check any that apply:
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Have you previously reported the wrongdoing to the school district?
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