Rebecca Barley's Bio

A long-time resident of D’Arcy, Rebecca Barley is highly engaged in community initiatives and serves as the Chairperson of the St’at’imc Tribal Police, represents N’Quatqua as a director of the St’at’imc Government Service and is a member of the SGS/BCH Steering Committee. Rebecca has also held elected office since 2001 in several capacities; Counsellor for the N’Quatqua for 8 years, alternate Director for Area C (SLRD) for 1 year, and School Trustee for the past 6 years. This is Rebecca’s third term on the Board of Education for School District No.48.


Outside of representing her community on several boards, Rebecca also volunteers her time by serving as a driver for sporting events and school dances, and is a committee member with Winds of Change and the Recreation Advisory Committee.


Describing herself as a ‘kid at heart’, Rebecca practices enthusiastic spontaneity by always being open to trying new things. Born and raised in N’Quatqua and having been educated from Kindergarten through Grade 12 within School District No.48, Rebecca chose to raise her three daughters within the community she grew up knowing and loving. Now in grades 9, 11 and first year university, Rebecca and her daughters find time to bake, hike with friends and travel. She believes that the same principles she applies in her parenting can be applied to her responsibilities as a School Trustee; these include providing a safe environment, being inclusive to all, and teaching students how to make good decisions without jeopardizing their freedom to make their own choices.