Rick Price's Bio

With a lengthy career focused on public education, Rick Price brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the Board of Education. Since beginning his teaching career in Squamish in the early 1970s, Rick has spent forty years as a Teacher, Principal and Trustee within School District No.48 (Sea to Sky). He holds a Masters Degree in Curriculum Studies from the University of British Columbia, and has worked for the University of Victoria and Malaspina University training the next generation of teachers.


Rick’s volunteer commitments are varied; he is the past Chair of Communities that Care, a mobilization project aimed at preventing six youth health and behavior problems (teen pregnancy, substance abuse, violence, delinquency, school drop out and depression). He is also a past member of Squamish Search and Rescue. Rick has previously served the Board of Education in the position of Chairperson for six years.


As the father of two adult daughters and grandfather of two grandchildren, Rick loves to be surrounded by his family and friends. Proud to call Brackendale home, Rick resides in the same house he built over forty years ago! This noted, one might be hard pressed to find Rick at home, as he is more likely to be found exploring the outdoors. He has a passion for backpacking, hiking and cycling, and recently rode from Canada to Mexico. Other international trips have included sailing from Victoria to Maui, Hawaii.


Rick strongly believes that public education is a cornerstone of our democracy and our society. He recognizes that the Board of Education has a responsibility to provide compelling and engaging learning opportunities to students, and asserts that our education system must be flexible enough to respond effectively to changes in the cultural/societal context.