Grades 10-12

For learners in the graduation years:

  • Students are expected to continue their learning for each course they are enrolled in and to complete assignments set out by their teachers to finish their courses. 
  • Teachers will work with students to develop plans and set reasonable expectations given the current circumstances.
  • The focus for each course is on the big ideas, essential learning standards, and core competencies.
  • Teacher-led/moderated activities and individual or group projects will be provided to allow learners to demonstrate their learning in a number of ways.
  • Learning opportunities may be both offered synchronously (ie. class video conferencing, and asynchronously (google classroom; archived video conferences) for students who can’t be present to view later.
  • The completion of required coursework in electives that include the use of specialized equipment not available and/or unsafe to operate at home will be assessed on a course by course basis.
  • For students in apprenticeship and academies, teachers and principals are working on creative approaches where possible.