Food Security Plan

To support our community with a swift response to instances of food insecurity in our corridor, we have also established a 3 Tiered Approach to food programming:

At a Tier 1 Level we designed a system to continue our usual breakfast and lunch programs that our students had come to rely on.

At a Tier 2 Level we plan to expand our breakfast and lunch programming to more families who may not have been accessing this resource previously.

At a Tier 3 Level we plan to extend our response to include the provision of further food staples (groceries) some clothing, toiletries, and connect further needs which emerge through a deeper interagency response

*Please Note: The current food security model will continue to support families, as we transition back to in-class instruction on June 1st. Each school will continue to work on a future plan for food security as kids return to in-class instruction. In addition to the ongoing food delivery, schools are providing lunches and snacks on an as needed basis: Pemberton 20+,  Squamish -20+,  and Whistler TBD.

  • We accessed the families through online surveys; administrators calling homes; teachers reaching out through phone calls, email, and their various online communication tools; and support staff and Indigenous Support Workers making direct contact by visiting homes and meeting people in the community.
  • In order to align support in each of our communities, we have worked closely with local Community Services and First Nations to develop ways to source, prepare, and distribute the food. We have attempted, as much as possible, to partner with local small businesses to help us meet the food safe guidelines and to assist them at this uncertain time.
  • We are currently delivering approximately 55 breakfasts, 150 lunches, and 150 nutritious snacks, daily.
  • In Pemberton, Grimms Deli is providing, at a reduced price, more than 50 sandwiches and fruit items daily. We are also working with the Pemberton Valley Grocery store to have breakfast items and snacks delivered, also at a reduced price.  
  • In Whistler, we continue to collaborate with Whistler Community Services Society and target supports where needed.
  • In Squamish, Helping Hands, the District of Squamish, and the Food Bank are providing the food and making almost 100 lunches and snacks, daily, at the Squamish 55 Activity Center. Our support staff pick up the food and then deliver it to schools and to Squamish Nation Totem Hall. The food is further distributed through support staff and Indigenous Support Workers from those sites. 
  •  We will also continue to work with our community service providers to partner for additional food, clothing, and other support provisions across our communities. The Food Banks have increased distribution of hampers to families and are providing both pick up and deliver options. In some cases our schools are also delivering food and clothing to families. 
  • For more information on  our Food Security Plan please see our document here.

We’re excited and grateful to have received the following grants for the lunch programs:

  • Breakfast Club of Canada – $3,600
  • Whistler Blackcomb Foundation – $6,000