Student Learning Plan

The district will continue to support all students and their documented or emergent learning needs through a 3 Tiered Approach:

At the Tier 1 level, we are committed to ensuring a personalized learning plan for all students and the provision of any needed support, as fully as possible at this time:

  • Learning expectations may be adjusted to support students with existing needs, needs and goals established in their IEP, or new needs that emerge.
  • Students and families are encouraged to contact their child’s teacher and principal to request any additional support or considerations.

At the Tier 2 level, students requiring assistance will receive support through a team approach (Teacher Learning Teams, Learning Support Teacher Teams, Specialist Teachers, EAs, etc):

  • Teacher Learning Teams and the Learning Support Teacher Teams will continue to take into consideration all additional needs of students which may emerge over time, or are known through their current IEP, to provide further resources, further assistive technology, further support for families in learning the assistive technology, etc.
  • All learning plans for students with IEPs will continue to align with their IEP goals.
  • When needed, students will be provided with specialized devices and assistive technologies for home use as per their IEP or emerging needs.
  • When a student requires in-person support at school to meet the goals of their IEP, and is symptom free, staff will provide this support by maintaining physical distancing measures where applicable.
  • Any graduation program student wishing to request amendments to their course load or final letter grades due to their current extenuating circumstances  (eg. they are providing full time child care or working full time, experiencing challenges through COVID, etc.) should connect with their teacher and school principal so the School Based Team can consider their request.

At a Tier 3 level, the needs of some students may require that they attend school in-person, such as when the goals of the IEP are unable to be met remotely:

  • Itinerant and school based Specialist Teachers will continue to work with each student’s Teacher Learning Team, parents, and the student to make any further acute plans and provide the required support.
  • Students requiring personal care and/or physical care, and are symptom free, will have that care provided using applicable safety protocols, as approved by the Medical Health Officer.
  • Where students require other specialized health supports, we will continue to work with local community partners to put a plan in place.