SD48 K-9 Online Learning Menu

School District No. 48 is pleased to provide ongoing support for K-9 student learning available to all students now, over the summer, and into the fall. This support is available on a website called the K-9 Learning Menu. It is designed to provide students with activities that can be completed with parent support for primary aged children and independently for intermediate and middle years aged children. The Learning Menu is optional for students and their families and it features:


  • Developmental activities for Literacy
  • Developmental activities for Numeracy
  • A personalized project plan for students to develop their core competencies
  • Place-based learning activities


School District No. 48 teachers have designed the Learning Menu to be self-paced, to have free supporting resources, and to be engaging for families and students. Included on the website are suggested daily times for students who choose to use the resource.


Any feedback and suggestions to improve the K-9 Learning Menu site can be emailed to Kelsey Biln at [email protected].


>>Access K-9 Learning Menu