Technology Plan



In the Sea to Sky School District, technology enhances and amplifies teaching and learning. In alignment with Pathways to Learning, technology provides a set of teaching and learning tools and resources that equitably engage students as they learn to critically consume digital content, to demonstrate their learning in different ways, and to digitally archive their learning journeys.

The Board of Education has approved over $150 000 to provide mobile devices for student use, and have ensured that funding for technology infrastructure, such as improved WiFi accessibility and speed, remains robust to meet our ever-evolving needs. At the school level, teaching staff are provided with the devices they need to engage in 21st century teaching in order to support their students’s growth in digital literacy.

The 3 year plan below describes the evolving work in our district, and is iterative in nature. A “living document,” the Plan is designed for agility so that we can respond as needed to changes in technology and the needs of our district learning community. It will be updated yearly to track progress towards achieving our deliverables.